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Advantages of Nearshoring IT Projects in Portugal

Advantages of Nearshoring IT Projects in Portugal

Advantages of Nearshoring IT Projects in Portugal

Nearshoring is an increasingly used strategy that enables companies to pursue their business goals that involve technological development, cloud solutions, application support or other IT related projects with ease and proximity.

An IT nearshore provider will listen to the client’s goals and needs and move forward with recruiting professionals, assembling multifaceted teams according to the project specificities and managing the entire operation. Nearshore management can be as comprehensive as including training, career management and overall care for the employees and relationship with the client, this is the case of Affinity. As a nearshore partner we ensure proximity and thoroughness through all phases of the relationship, and we adapt our level of involvement as per each client expectations. We have an efficient structure that enables us to act quickly and meet the requirements of our clients, adapting and supporting businesses from the most diverse fields and from countries all over Europe.

If you’re considering nearshore as a strategic solution and you’re still unsure what destination or company to choose, I’ll leave you with 4 main reasons, why Portugal is the right choice to outsource your IT projects and/or to establish your IT nearshoring team.


  • In Portugal there are extremely qualified engineers and tech professionals due to the excellency of our universities and technical courses.
  • Nearshoring in Portugal guarantees that your international tech teams will communicate without any problems, we are one of the countries with the highest English proficiency in the world and it is quite common for Portuguese people to speak one or two other languages apart from English.


  • Portugal is in a strategic time zone. With 1 to 3 hours difference from all the countries in Europe, it ends up standing as a convenient option for outsourcing IT services, easy for teams to work together from remote locations – which is a great nearshoring advantage.
  • Plus this means that it is easy to travel to Portugal to meet your teams as well as your teams to come to you from time to time, shortening the distance and stablishing a stronger connection between people.


  • Nearshoring in Portugal becomes a good investment due to competitive and affordable rates when compared to other European markets. More important than rates themselves, the strategic potential of choosing nearshore to support your business means less effort in recruiting and setting up teams for your tech projects and guaranteed quality professionals.
  • Portuguese culture is very remote work friendly, people are extremely social, adaptable, and there is an overall receptive and positive environment with political and social stability.
  • Portugal is a strategic choice – due to location and linguistic advantage – when it comes to hiring professionals from Brazil. There are incredible professionals in Brazil that wish to come to Portugal and Affinity has a representation in Sao Paulo in order to identify key talents and take care of all procedures and legalities to assist them with immigration. Our intention is to provide opportunities for highly talented IT professionals, opening up our recruitment range and guaranteeing a quick and accurate response to our clients.


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  • At Affinity we set-up high-performance teams, dedicated to remotely run any technological projects: rapid onset, tailored to the needs & business strategies of each client. We thoroughly evaluate the project specificities, so our solutions are designed to effectively respond to the clients’ needs.
  • We follow a process to identify, recruit, assemble, train, monitor and manage highly competent teams adapted to the project specificities. Our model encompasses frequent moments of assessment and feedback.
  • Affinity has its own inhouse Software: Keywork. And therefore, there is an undeniable Tech culture in the company.
  • Affinity can offer two different Nearshore project models: Nearshore Cross-Funtional Team or Squad & Nearshore Tech Layer Oriented. Two different project management models, easy to adapt and to become one more success story!

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