Carolina Simões

Carolina is Corporate Talent Manager at Affinity, responsible for recruiting Affinity's entire Corporate team. Carolina loves to take walks in nature and seeks the best in people with the same dedication that she explores flavours mastering her cooking skills!

Romil Naggi

Romil is Outsystems consultant at Affinity. With a degree in computer engineering, Romil is completely passionate about what he does. In addition to being a dedicated professional, he likes to share knowledge and never says no to a challenge!

Inês Pompeu dos Santos

Inês is Affinity's Chief Marketing Officer. She manages the company's communication and marketing strategy and only stops thinking about communications when she is travelling, practising yoga or reading. And even those moments… are great sources of inspiration!

Marco Neves

Marco is Affinity’s Creative & Motion Designer. Master of multimedia communications, Marco's skills range from graphic design to motion, from UX/UI design to Frontend also including video production. This last one is, in fact, Marco’s greatest passion. He’s Affinity’s very own Christopher Nolan!

Mafalda Inverno

Mafalda is Affinity’s Learning & Career Manager. With a degree in Human Resources Management, Mafalda has been working in the IT sector since 2012 and spends all her free time enjoying some quality moments with her favourite beings: her family, friends and her little kitten Leo!

Carlos Correia

Carlos is Affinity’s CEO & Founder. Having started his career as a Technical and Business Consultant, he later accomplished his dream of building its own IT consulting company with a clear focus on people, relationships and affinity. It is with great ambition and focus that Carlos defends its position both in the tech industry as well as in the tennis table!

Nuno Coelho

Nuno is a Database Administrator (DBA) at Affinity and has extensive experience, knowledge, and passion for the area. Graduated in electrical engineering, Nuno also enjoys quality time away from computers, doing puzzles or enjoying some outdoor activities!

Carlos Sanches

Carlos is a Functional Analyst at Affinity. He is always ready to help colleagues and he is driven by the determination to increase operational efficiency; leave a positive mark in everything he does and contribute to creating a better world. Carlos loves to learn new things and to go for his evening run!

José Horta

José is becoming a DevOps Engineer at Affinity. With a degree in computer engineering, José has developed his adventurous and curious spirit in his scouting years and Erasmus experience, having worked in more than 10 countries spread over 3 continents! What does José love the most? Optimize all kinds of things!

João Figueiredo

João is truly passionate about CyberSecurity! With a degree in computing and cloud computing, João loves evolution and innovation, learning and helping others. He considers himself a life-hacker for facing everything with curiosity, trying to evolve in a self-taught way, opening paths and going beyond traditional knowledge!

Alyona Shulika

With an extremely rich background Alyona has experience in the most diverse fields and markets and is now one of Affinity’s key International Business Managers. From Hydrology & Hydrochemistry to Marine Biology, Women Health & Human Rights, Alyona never stops looking for ways to grow her knowledge, evolve and challenge herself!