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How to manage your professional life with your studies

How to manage your professional life with your studies

gerir a vida profissional com os estudos

Working and studying at the same time can be quite challenging. Good time management is essential, as well as knowing when to rest so that we can make the most of what we have learned at the same time. On the other hand, there is no single way of reconciling these two spheres that is perfectly applicable to anyone, there are people who need more flexibility and others who prefer a more structured approach. It is important to find a balance and a rhythm that suits your way of being and working, your lifestyle and your preference so that this management happens in a natural and positive way, bringing harmony to your life, and not in a forced and painful.

That said, I share with you three tips that help me a lot in managing my professional and student life and that I have been putting into practice over the last year:

1. Efficient Time Management

The first suggestion I would like to make is: plan the next day the day before. Making a to-do list for both your work and your studies will help you organize your ideas and get a better sense of whether what you are thinking of doing is doable. Basically, organizing the tasks I have in advance trying to predict the time each one will take me and thus planning my day helps me to be much more efficient in both areas! I would like to take the opportunity to emphasize that you should prioritize your tasks based on their importance and urgency, so that you do not overlap less important tasks under something that you really need to complete that day, for example. I suggest that you make your to-do list through bullet points or in a more visual way and that you don’t miss opportunities to point in the ‘notes’ application of your cell phone whenever you remember something ‘out of hours’ so that you can later reorganize in your planning without it causing you anxiety in the process. In addition, I also recommend using a calendar as a way of distributing and organizing your tasks throughout the day, taking care of all your commitments and deadlines to make sure that what you propose is realistically possible to deliver.

2. Rest your mind

Taking breaks and/or having a hobby that allows you to rest your mind on both work and studies is essential. Choose something that allows you to disconnect and take your mind off your daily affairs and that gives you pleasure. If you’re not sure how or what to do, don’t forget to disconnect yourself from your obligations in a walk, nap, or moment of meditation, it’s important for your productivity to cultivate opportunities to stop and reset, so you can get back to work, or study, with more focus and motivation! In my case, this escape is contemporary dance, which always brings me this moment of rest and abstraction of the mind, but in the future it could be any other activity, the important thing is to ensure that your physical and mental health are a priority!

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3. Promote synergies between your professional life and your studies

In order to have a balance in the thinking and reasoning of the activities that you do both professionally and at school, it may be important that these two sides of your life connect in some way. The ‘time that is wasted’ is never really wasted time, always having results in one or another sphere of your life. These can be very direct synergies if your area of ​​work and study are the same or somehow complementary, however, this synergy can also be very subtle, when these areas are not necessarily related. Either way, you can always apply what you learn from one side to the other.

These are some of the strategies I use so that these two spheres of my life coexist in the best possible harmony, maintaining efficiency and good results in both.

I hope this article is useful to you and don’t forget to share your own strategies for better professional and study management!

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