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How to start a career in Outsystems

How to start a career in Outsystems

How to start a career in Outsystems

Outsystems is a low-code platform for the development of mobile and web enterprise applications. In my opinion, certainly an option with a future since it is an easy and fast way to program and achieve our goals and the customer efficiently.

Similar to the platform itself, starting a career in Outsystems can be equally fast and very efficient, even if programming or computer engineering is not your area of training, which is my case.

If you are considering this area and don’t know how to take the first steps, I would suggest some tips on how to start a career in Outsystems:

1. I advise you to start by doing some Programming Training, so that you can learn the basics and be more comfortable with the concepts. On the IEFP website you can find free training courses, learn about several areas, and languages of your preference/interest such as Java, Javascritp, HTML, among others. You can check the available training courses and start your studies at:

2. Do your specific Outsystems training through Training Centers that can be free as the IT Hub, and where you have the possibility to be integrated in the job market after successfully completing the course. You can also do the training through Outsystems itself. In Outystems website you have access to several training options with videos and exercises that you can check in:

3. Another way to learn Outsystems is through the Companies Academy. In these academies you have the opportunity to do your Training, Certification, and subsequent integration in the job market by the company itself what turns out to be a very efficient way to start off your career.

4. It is a plus to get a certification directly with Outsystems as Associate Web Developer or Reactive Web Developer. These certifications are a way to prove your competence in the areas offering you an advantage in the job market.

I hope these tips are useful and helpful for your first steps in this very interesting and efficient area of programming, suitable even for those who have not started their academic or professional life in computer engineering!

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To close this article with a ‘bonus tip’, I would definitely recommend you to reach out Affinity to help you boost your career by finding projects adapted to your ambitions and goals.

Good luck!

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