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The power of feedback from recruitment to… Always!

The power of feedback from recruitment to… Always!

Follow-up and Fantastic Feedback - 3 F’s Affinity

At Affinity, we take our motto very seriously: #alifetimeexperience. A candidate’s journey in our company starts long before the contract is signed, even during the recruitment process. It is not only about finding the most talented people; we believe that all the experience as a candidate will impact the perception of the company and future career with us.

Promoting a remarkable and positive experience has become a real challenge, especially with the digitalization of the recruitment process. We consider that one of the essential points is to value the uniqueness of each person who crosses us, providing an experience of transparency and Affinity.

Affinity at this stage is reflected for us in what we have designated the 3 F’s Affinity – Follow-up and Fantastic Feedback.

One of the main aspects our candidate’s point out to us is the quality of feedback given by the company during and after the recruitment process. Unfortunately, many companies do not give this attention throughout the various stages of the process, failing to follow-up when the person is not selected. For us, this follow-up is one of the principles we take more seriously.

Each candidate we meet offers their time and availability to tell us their “story”, so the least we can do is to value them and ensure that they have the best experience. From the beginning, the whole process is explained in a transparent and objective manner, aiming to share relevant information until we reach the moment of decision. Each stage in which the candidate proceeds is a victory for him and for us and, as such, deserves to be celebrated to the fullest. We would be very happy to select all the people we encounter but that is not possible. With this in mind, we work daily to make each step unique, with the deserved feedback even if this feedback is to communicate that the person has not been selected at that time.

As it is commonly said, the “no” is guaranteed, however, we are persistent.  We have already had several candidates in process with us who in a first stage did not go all the way, but in which we recognize much value. In this sense, whenever a project arise that best fit their profile, we resume contact with all those who have marked us in some way. Often the first ‘no’ finally becomes the awaited ‘yes’.

As a company with a strong recruitment component, we believe that is our responsibility to dignify and provide good moments of sharing and feedback. In an interview we all learn, and the reality of today’s labor market is much more towards the celebration of a mutually beneficial ‘deal’ where people bring their value to the company and the company recognizes, and supports its people.

This is what we have been working on since we started as a start-up company, aiming to provide the best possible experience before, during and after your journey at Affinity. After hiring, we strive to stay close, open, and accessible by creating spaces and moments of formal and informal, periodic, and spontaneous feedback, coming from direct management as well as at a corporate level.

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We believe and practice a holistic approach to the whole recruitment process and seek to provide our candidates as well as our professionals with the necessary support. We truly want to be an enriching experience no matter how much time someone spends with us and even if that time is only at an interview(s) stage.

Basically, we believe that everything counts and people should be seen and heard in their individuality and in the light of their motivations and ambitions, this is what makes them more confident professionals, because they know that with us they can find a place where they can count on proper support at the different stages of the process.

And you? How has your experience as a candidate been? Tell us all about it.

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