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Tips to start off your Power Platform journey

Tips to start off your Power Platform journey

Tips to start off your Power Platform journey

The Power Platform is a Microsoft tool through which it is possible to create applications and business solutions quickly and efficiently. It is a platform with great potential and in constant evolution, composed of five main components: Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, Power Pages, and Power Virtual Agents.

  • Power Apps: Allows the creation of custom applications with intuitive interfaces, without the need to write a lot of code. Applications on mobile, tablet, computer…
  • Power Automate: Automates business processes by connecting applications, services, and workflows, from the simplest to the most complex. Send an email, create approvals, basically create automation.
  • Power BI: Offers advanced capabilities for data visualization and analysis, transforming information into valuable insights and creating interactive charts.
  • Power Pages: Allows you to create websites.
  • Power Virtual Agents: Create interactive chatbots to handle common queries and tasks.

In this article I will address some of the main advantages of the Power Platform for application development, as well as present some tips for anyone considering starting a career in this area.

Advantages of the Power Platform:

One of the great advantages of Power Platform is its low code approach: it allows for a faster learning curve than learning any other programming language from scratch.

Another advantage is the integration between the tools: we can integrate several applications, even integrating external tools. In a practical example: with Power App, we would create the application, and a request. With Power Automate, we would create an approval automation for this request, and finally, with Power BI – we would collect data and generate insights through interactive dashboards.

Your Power Platform journey:

If you are considering starting a career in Power Platform development, I have three main suggestions that I believe are essential and very useful:

  1. Udemy e-learning platform: Look for a beginner course on platforms like Udemy to learn the basics. Focus on one of the Technologies and start creating your portfolio.
  2. Microsoft Learning: In addition to Udemy, through Microsoft Learning you can also find courses, practical examples and activities that will support you in the beginning of your career.
  3. Microsoft Events: Microsoft also offers several monthly events, in which you win a voucher that allows you to get excellent certifications, which can open doors to professional opportunities.

For all these reasons, the Power Platform is an exciting and very accessible journey for those who want to create technological solutions. It offers several possibilities and allows the resolution of several real problems. With determination, you can start a promising career in this ever-growing field.

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Good luck!

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