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Outsystems, the Portuguese unicorn that is revolutionizing programming

Outsystems, the Portuguese unicorn that is revolutionizing programming

Outsystems it software development

Why learning Outsystems?

In a highly technological world where digital transformation has been the watchword in several companies, the development time and the quality of the applications have become fundamental factors for its success. Nowadays, companies want to build the best applications, and they want it as fast as possible. However, in the programming world, quality and speed have always been words that did not work well together… Until Outsystems arises. Outsystems enables the development of applications with quality, efficiency, security, scalability and adaptability at a much faster pace than most conventional programming languages.

National and International Opportunities

With one click search through LinkedIn we can realize that Outsystems opportunities are multiplying day by day and that this technology is expanding to the whole world. The company has recently invested in development hubs through Portugal at the same time that it is also present in 22 business sectors, 60 countries and counts with more than 150 partners. If you dream about building an international career, I must say that Outsystems is definitely a great career path for you.

The company itself

Outsystems is a Portuguese company, with 19 years of history and a very simple goal: innovate, transform and allow anyone, regardless of their professional background, to enroll in technological innovation. For this to be possible, there is an R&D team working to simplify the creation process, maintenance, and the publishing app’s, web and mobile, making them simpler and user friendly.

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Great Learning curve

If you wish to move on and pursue a career in Outsystems, there are plenty of free courses about the technology, from generalist courses to advanced learning encompassing e-learning opportunities, tech talks and webinars that enable students to learn at their own pace and time. Besides all this learning methodologies there is also an official forum group with more than 285 thousand members available to answer all sort of questions and help you evolve in the technology. Still not enough? What if I tell you that about 95% of people who start with these courses are able to create and deliver applications in less than 1 month? What are you waiting for?

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