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Why being customer-obsessed will make your digital content more effective

Why being customer-obsessed will make your digital content more effective

Why being customer-obsessed will make your digital content more effective

The web is becoming more organic and intuitive. Find out why your own online customer experience can help to intentionally create quality content.

The digital transformation of processes and systems currently constitute the foundation of every business. For some, this necessity came along with the pandemic. From a Content Manager perspective, these are not jarring news. Ever since the booming of social media, blogging and other accessible means of generating content for anyone with a voice ready to sail the online realm, it became clear that the content Creator, Editor or Manager must merge with the digital and become one with the online trends, using any innovative tools to stand out in the crowd.

Any task, decision or update impacts the prospective customer directly, allowing conquering or disbanding audiences and, consequently, potential buyers. Anyone who proactively manages content ought to wear a second pair of glasses at all times – over and above the regular editing and publishing routine and learnings, one must perceive it from the customer point of view.

Understanding goals and positioning

Observing and asking the right questions is as crucial as keeping in mind the brand tone and voice. Understanding the business positioning and embodying that vision while performing every task of your day, as menial as it can be, will allow you to stay on track. What are the business core values? What are the yearly/quarter goals? How are the competitors positioning themselves as well and how does your product make a difference? Asking questions and actively listening to your leaders with a critical glance will support the process of creating legitimate consumer-focused content.

We are all online consumers – use it to your advantage

Personal experiences as online consumers are second nature to a Content Manager, almost as another skin layer. Data, SEO and performance are important, but so is our own experience. Feel free to obsess over it, explore and navigate. As a digital native, what websites offer the best buying experience? When was the last time I ended up not feeling compelled to order a product as a result of not fully understanding technical details? Inspecting our own behaviour is not everything, but it is helpful to adapt the user journey to the desired target along with extensive research and testing. Even in our free time, we never cease to BE digital

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Orchestrate content production and become your best reader

After Google announced the “E-A-T” rule in 2019 (Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness) as a key measure for search page ranking, asking ourselves brave questions such as “would I read or scroll down through this page myself?” becomes key. In between the frenzy of page production and client expectations, content managers, designers and copywriters entangle themselves with many publishing steps and feedback loops ignoring the “quality over quantity” motto.

Every page must serve a purpose for potential customers by properly answering key questions, offer context, technicalities and prove to be clear and precise, demonstrating expertise on the subject. Most importantly, offering genuine content for real people. Everything else will follow.

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